With Final Paper Deadline Approaching, Student Has No Choice But to Binge Watch All of Game of Thrones

Following last night’s season six premiere of the HBO series “Game of Thrones” junior Hopkins student Jeff Callow has announced that he has decided to binge-rewatch the entire series.

“I know I have deadlines coming up this week but I honestly can’t remember who anyone is or how they got where they are in the show, so I have to rewatch it all before next week’s episode,” Callow said in a Facebook post this morning.

In a phone interview with Callow this afternoon while he was away from his computer for the first time since 9pm Sunday night, he said “I’ve got this paper due on Friday and it’s like 50% of my grade, but did you know that you see Theon’s penis in the first season? I wonder if they did that as foreshadowing?”

Callow’s roommate Ned Wright expressed concern about Callow’s behavior. “I’m trying to keep my head about all this, but I’m worried now, he didn’t sleep all night except once when he dozed off for five minutes and murmured ‘Deadline is coming,'” Wright said, “plus he keeps calling me Eddard and it’s weird.”

When asked about this, Callow said, “I would sleep, but the night is dark and full of terrors. If I watch nonstop I can finish the series with plenty of time to write my paper. Unless I start reading the books, which I might have to.”


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