Top 13 Issues for JHU on Election Night

The Black and Blue Jay compiled a list of the most concerning issues to JHU students on election night:

  1. Figuring out when they’re having chicken fingers at late night.
  2. Course registration.
  3. Course registration for fall 2018.
  4. Figuring out your Thanksgiving break study schedule.
  5. Freaking out over that orgo test.
  6. Transferring to Oxford.
  7. Taking a shot for every state Trump wins.  Or loses.
  8. Figuring out how to submit for that absentee ballot.
  9. Borrowing your friend’s “I voted” sticker for the Instagram likes.
  10. Finding out how to do problem #4.
  11. Wondering if President Daniels will be deported.
  12. Scalping Bernie tickets.
  13. Worrying about the fate of our country, the meaning of democracy, and how we can move forward from such a destructive election cycle.

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