Who is your JHU randomly assigned roommate? Take the quiz to find out!

A couple years ago, Johns Hopkins University announced that freshmen would no longer be able to choose their roommates. This effort to “encourage diversity” was met with great resistance, with many students expressing concerns about students of racial, sexual, religious, disabled, and other minority communities being assigned roommates that are intolerant of their identities, leaving them feeling unsafe in their own dorms. The university’s response to these concerns—”that’s rough buddy”— was surprisingly not very well received.

We at the Black and Blue Jay, however, think this was a great idea, an innovation that excites. However, there is one issue: the roommate pairing quiz is trash and ignores the important things you need to know about your roommate. Was Kanye on their Spotify Wrapped? What do they think “CBT” stands for? In attempts to combat this issue, our team of expert writers have created an alternative roommate quiz. Click HERE or the link below to find out who your randomly-assigned JHU roommate is.

Who is your randomly-assigned college roommate?


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