Orgo Professor, Taking a Cue from SNL, to Celebrate Her Career with a Three-hour Lecture

This coming Sunday, a Johns Hopkins organic chemistry professor will be giving a three-hour lecture for her students in honor of her long tenure at the university. She got the idea for the mandatory lecture from Saturday Night Live, which recently hosted the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary special, celebrating forty years of the sketch comedy show.

The professor has said that she thought the SNL special was a great way to remember all the good times and jokes over the show’s history.

“I hope my lecture will similarly do justice to all the laughs we’ve had in my class over the years. It still cracks me up when my students reprise the ‘they think they’ll get an ‘A’ with the curve’ bit,” she chuckled.

In addition, the orgo professor noted the large amount of returning cast members and guests who turned out for the SNL anniversary.

“It was great to see all of our old favorites like Garrett Morris and Cheri Oteri back, and I’m planning on extending an invitation to all of my former students as well.” She then added with a wink, “I have a computer now. I can go back and change grades.”

Asked if she was planning an after party, and whether it would be as crazy as the SNL one, which featured performances by a number of superstars, including a duet by Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift, the professor answered, “Yes, there will be an after party, which I’m anticipating to be a lot of fun. No music though, I’m hoping to rent out all of D-level for my students to complete extra problem sets.”

Word across campus is that students can’t wait for this special lecture, because the subjects it covers “are definitely going to be on the midterm” and “who knows, Bill Murray might show up.”

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