Spring Fair Names Rapper Nelly Keynote Speaker for Global Warming Panel: “Hot in Herre”

Following being announced as this year’s Spring Fair headliner, Nelly has also been named the keynote speaker on a global warming panel to follow his concert performance. The panel, titled “Hot in Herre: Earth’s Changing Climate,” will address global warming and solutions to fight climate change.

The panel is rumored to have been put together by The Neptunes, the hottest producers of the early 2000s, and will reportedly open with a spoken word intro about global warming performed by Nelly:

“Hot in. So hot in herre. So hot in. Hot. Oh!”

The solutions to combat rising temperatures that will be explored in the panel include legislation to restrict carbon emissions, reforestation, alternative energy, and “[taking] off all your clothes.” The option of clothing removal is likely to be echoed by a female colleague of Nelly’s who is also participating on the panel.

Sources report that Nelly will also appear in a future panel about relationship issues entitled “Dilemma: When You’re Crazy Over Someone Other Than Your Boo.” Kelly Rowland is reported to be featured.

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