Math Major Preps for Best Day of Life as Spring Break Begins on Pi Day

It’s an event a century in the making, according to excited mathematics major Reid Rup: Pi Day will be happening on the holiest of days, tomorrow, the Saturday that starts Spring Break.

“And it’s not just any Pi Day,” says Rup, “it’s one that’s occurred less than 22 times in recorded history. It’s not just 3/14. It’s 3/14/15.”

What Rup calls “an event roughly 1500 years in the making depending on your reference frame” has called for serious preparations.

“At first I thought of going to Pi-ttsburgh, but get real. I’m heading down to Cancun with a couple of my brothers from another transcendental numbers.”

Fully investing in the work-hard-play-hard mentality, Rup and co. have already acquired plenty of Pi-themed substances for the week.

“We’ve got the hallowed Cherry Pie strain of mary jane, apple pie shots by the goddamn dozen, and a drinking game based on an abacus that I’m still hammering out.”

Still the responsible student, Rup has provisioned for plenty of protection for himself and his brothers.

“Pi condoms. They’ve got all kinds of flavors, and they list the digits of pi up to 1000. Magnums go to 1750.” Rup is looking forward to having the best week of his life.

“The girls in Cancun are 3.1415Fiiiiiiine, baby. This shit — like my analysis homework — is going to be so REAL.”

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