An SGA Presidential Endorsement For ‘Guy Who Literally Just Got Here’

With SGA elections going on today and tomorrow, you may be wondering who to vote for. After all, you’ve probably just been seeing vague Instagram story posts about “bringing change” and “supporting students” without many actual takes on policy. If this sounds like you, the Black and Blue Jay has you covered with our official endorsement for student body president! Here’s why you should vote for Guy Who Literally Just Got Here.

One common critique of Guy’s campaign is the fact that he has no prior experience with SGA. However, we think this is actually an advantage. As a total noob to SGA’s structure and procedures, he offers a fresh perspective that is likely not shared by almost anyone already involved in student government. Additionally, by requiring the other members of SGA to constantly explain how things work and what his job actually entails, he will encourage them to frequently refresh their knowledge on the intricacies of SGA, which basically makes up for his lack of knowledge.

Another criticism that Guy faces is that he has only actually attended this school for a semester and a half. While some might think this would hinder his ability to determine which issues are most important to the student body and be informed on the history behind them, we think this is really a good thing. With a lack of thorough knowledge of the university, his priorities will lie most with the issues that personally affect him, like dining hall food and no nap time in classes. This narrower perspective will allow him to be more focused on his initiatives rather than getting distracted by all that “nuance” stuff. He also has no idea that half of his initiatives are already ongoing, so he’ll surely urge SGA to work on those a little faster.

Knowing which candidates to support for any election can be difficult. We hope that with our endorsement, you’ll realize that J–, I mean N–, I mean Guy Who Just Got Here is exactly what SGA needs. Go out and vote!


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