DART or ART? Unpaid Film Major Orchestrates Asteroid Collision

On September 26, campus was exploding with excitement about the NASA DART mission. Even more excited than the physics department, though, was the department of film and media studies. An inside source had released classified information about the origins of the DART (Deceptive Animated Rock Termination) video, and our very legal Pulitzer Prize-winning (don’t look that up) journalists have the scoop. According to extremely legit sources, the true origins of the video come from sophomore film student Vektorr Adission.

Originally, the university tried to commission Stanley Kubrick because of his outstanding work on the moon landing, but they were disappointed to find out that he died 23 years ago, so they went for the next best thing. The video was shot in a study room on D level in order to simulate the vast loneliness of deep space. With the help of a model rocket and stray debris from what used to be the Mattin Center, Adission created what will probably be the greatest hoax of his career (besides the queen’s death). 

“Dude did you see the view count on that thing? Best 50 bucks I’ve ever made! Thanks for the opportunity Handshake™!”

When asked about the next steps of his career, he expressed an interest in the animated field, telling us to watch out for his creative genius on The Boss Baby 0: Escape from the Womb.

Our inside source has leaked exclusive*, raw**, uncut*** footage of the original video to us. Click here to have your pants dropped and your mind blown****.

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****unlike my dick ://

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