Ranking Desiigner Songs Based on How They’d Be As Baby Names

Hoptoberfest is upon us. But while pumpkin patches and standing in “single file lines” is great, we all know the real star of the week will be Saturday’s concert, a jaw-dropping performance by none other than the mastermiind behiind “Panda”: Desiigner.

As great as “Panda” is, though, we thought we’d help give his other songs a chance in the spotliight the best way we could. Here is our ranking of the top ten Desiigner song titles to name your child after.

10. Molly

Derivative, overdone, where’s the spice?

9. interlude 1

Self explanatory, dumb as shit

8. MIC Drop

Short for Michael Drop probably, it’s okay

7. Strapped & Ready

Great publicity for the queer community, would be higher but it’s a little wordy (great for twins)

6. Danny Devito

Dope as hell but unoriginal

5. Drip

With the times, would be popular in middle school

4. interlude 2

Self explanatory, dope af

3. Slutty

Breaking down barriers, a nice tribute to your mother

2. Gucci Snakes

Fucking sick, would get mad pussy (when of a consenting age)

1. Soup


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