CLE Offers Spikeball Course For Fall 2019

The Johns Hopkins Center for Leadership Education has announced a new course for Fall 2019: EN.660.423 – Spikeball and Theory.  The instructor, Professor Marie-Therese LeGros, told us about the course, which coincidentally has a registration limit equal to the number of players on the lacrosse team.  

Professor LeGros, or “that chick” as her students will call her, explained that the course will cover issues such as “anti-colonial theory and new Beach games, Aristotelian ethics of non-contact sport, quantum physics of little yellow spheres, and the social ontology of trampolines in context of immigration politics.”  

She is looking forward to rich discussions engaging these various bright minds eager to soak in the best modern academia has to offer on the emerging field of low-effort beach games in post-modernist theory.

Students are enthusiastic to register for this course as well.  Byron McWilliams XXIInd opined, “Bro, it’s gonna be elite. I love Foucault and Derrida!  And the opportunity to play more spikeball is just an added bonus.”

Chris Bartholomew Bartelby concurred. “I’m a little worried that my ball skills aren’t up to par,” he said. “Luckily, Hopkins gives me a great context in which to improve them. This will really advance my career.”

“It’s also writing intensive!” pre-med Tiffany Lee cheered.  “I don’t even know what it’s about, but the description sounds easy.”

The course will be held on Fridays from 1:30-4 right behind the Hopkins sign on the Beach.  Students will be expected to comply with clothing safety regulations: closed toed shoes and shirts are strictly prohibited.  

Additionally, students are expected to provide their own alcoholic beverages and gallon jugs of water, but paper bags will be provided.  You can pick these up, as well as all required readings, in Eddie’s. Finally, students are expected to write a 20 page final paper, which can be substituted by a reflective stick-figure picture.

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