What different majors are doing while alone for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, as always, everyone at Hopkins is hopelessly alone. Here are some of the exciting plans students shared with The Black and Blue Jay:

GECS — They’ll be planting their seed on the President’s Lawn 😉

CS — Making a mess with several bodily fluids as well as melted Ben and Jerry’s in and on their MIT sweatshirts 😉

BME — With their second-best skills in prosthetic engineering, this Valentine’s Day will be a good second-best to actually getting laid 😉

Writing Sems — Rather than spilling their ink on a page, they’ll be redirecting their creative juices to spill ink on erotic poetry instead 😉

IS — Even a blotchy picture of Angela Merkel will get the job done 😉

MolCel — They’ll be working on a different micro-sized specimen this Valentine’s Day 😉

Neuro — What’s better — Psych or Cog Sci humiliation porn? 😉

AMS — Doing the same thing as CS, but not as hard 😉

Public Health — They say masturbating is healthy, right? What about 14 times in one day? 😉

Psychology — Is it an Oedipal fantasy if it’s the CharMar sandwich lady? 😉

Philosophy — Cogito ergo cum 😉

Econ — They’re actually getting laid.  No wink.

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