5 Fun Fall Date Ideas

1. Have a Perfect Picnic
Take your special guy to a new park and sit in the leaves. You’ll bring the cider; he’ll bring the pie. Even though he’ll bring blueberry and you don’t particularly like blueberry. Oops!

2. Take a Dog for a Walk
Is there anything cuter? Grab a leash, a dog, and a positive attitude for a crisp walk outside. If you have to borrow a pup from your friend Kelly that just moved in with her boyfriend because she’s lucky enough to have a stable, devoted relationship that’s fine! It’s okay that we don’t have one.

3. Commit
Is there a reason you’re still “unsure”, Craig?

4. Cozy Up on the Couch
Get into your comfiest pajamas and sit on opposite sides of the couch because if you hear the SVU theme music one more damn time you’re going to lose your shit. Is it so hard to watch The Office for one night? Is it? Is that considered especially heinous in the criminal justice system?

5. Pour your Pumpkin Spice Latte all over Craig
Because he’s an ass-hat with no respect for women, for their time, and for my your loyalty.

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