How to make your dorm room pimpin’ AF

Rule numero uno is you gotta have some seizure inducing strobers up in dis bitch. sync ‘em to music to really get some panties wet.
2) Widescreen ultra-thin OLED plasma LSD hybrid tru-color enhanced third eye limited edition leopard print underlit television
This should speak for itself, how else you gon watch yo fav shows wit yo homies????
3) A ballpit
For those Sunday afternoon destress chill seshs, nothing is more relaxing than near drowning in balls.
4) Illegal substances
Literally no other way to have fun in college unless you’re so fucked up they redefine the dictionary (the whole goddamn book) to just be a xerox of your fuckin smilin twisted as shit face. Wiery (adj.) – Your face. Anemometrograph (n.) – Your face. Zabaglione (n.) – Your fuckin face.
5) Scented candles
Also nice for those sunday afternoon chill sessions! Fresh baked cookies scent.
6) Ron Daniels himself
Big Ronny D didn’t get that nickname for nothing. Dude parties harder than Hardy Parter, a senior econ major who also is known to party quite hard.

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