Top Eight Shirtless Sports to Play on the Beach

1. Frisbee – just make sure you grab one of those tiny plastic ones that definitely work.
2. Feel the Burn – first one to a crispy finish wins it all!
3. Trucker-hat-dog-chase – put on your frattiest hat and chase a dog around!
4. Competitive slack-lining – tie several pairs of pants together into a several-pants-long tightrope. String from the Beach to MSE to Gilman to Shriver. Race your friends. (Bloomberg probably did it).
5. Butthole – I MEAN CORNHOLE.
6. Raspberriez – Put a raspberry on each of your fingers and pretend you’re an alien…for points!
7. Football In(ter)ceptions – don’t fall asleep while balls are flying at your face!
8. Skies Out Thighs Out – lay down in the middle of Beach in the middle of the night and say nothing.

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