Top Hopkins Smells, Ranked by Ability to Linger

  1. Carma’s –  we all want to smell like grilled cheese and tomato soup.

  2. M Level Bathrooms – we all love the smell of asshole in the morning.

  3. Actually, any MSE bathroom or floor or crevice – smells like depression and people hiding for days and becoming abinos.

  4. The cleaning detergent used in Buildings A & B – like pine sol and bubblegum, mixed with the smell of freshmen dreams dying.

  5. JHMI – I wanna smell exhaust when I’m exhausted, which is every time I’m on this godforsaken bus.

  6. Homewood Museum – the smell of old people and old things that make up the history of our fine institution, if you bothered to visit.

  7. The Archaeological Museum – MUMMIEZ

  8. The FFC – more. grilled. cheese. except flabby and at late night.

  9. Gilman’s stairwell – like a museum and an old newspaper, but it seeps into your pores and suddenly you can recite poetry.

  10. Mudd Hall and UTLs – the new building smell is actually quite nice.

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