Summary of Online Teacher Course Evaluations, Spring 2013

The write-in student responses to the four survey questions “What are the best aspects of this course?”, “What are the worst aspects of this course?”, “What would most improve this class?”, and “What should prospective students know about this course before enrolling?” have been summarized for your information, for the following three classes:

The Cerebellum: Is it Just for Motor Control?
The best aspect of this course was that it took literally five minutes one Wednesday to cover all the material as the professor answered the titular question in one word, “No.” However, one student felt that the amount of material covered on the final exam was overwhelming. The worst aspect of the class was the $300 textbook, which the professor forced them to get and did not reference at all in making his sweeping one word proclamation on the subject of cerebellar functions. In fact, the textbook might have been about econ. The course could improve if the professor didn’t “act like such a smarty-pants know-it-all.” Prospective students should know that this course is highly reading intensive, as most students reported spending the hour and fifteen minute class period reading dozens of BuzzFeed articles.

Gods and Monsters in Ancient Egypt
The best aspects of the course were the lively discussions. Students particularly enjoyed spirited debates on the topic of getting past mummies. The worst aspects of the course were the excessive reading assignments and disorganized class structure. Students had to read upwards of five spells per night to ward off demons. The Professor jumped around on many subjects, “one week was Osiris, the next was Horus, we had no idea what was going on.” The course would improve if the syllabus was clearer, there were more graded assignments, and the professor didn’t let a sphinx eat two of the students. Prospective students should understand that reading is vital for the finals, not only for a good grade, but also for whether or not they leave the testing pyramid with all of their limbs intact.

Oral Presentations

The best aspect of this course was the word “Oral” in the course title. The worst aspect of the course was the fact that nobody got to third base. One student was not happy that the professor did not resemble the women that can be found online when googling “Oral Presentations.” Some other students complained that they thought that the class would be “like a bunch of Cosmo tips.” Students also felt that the quizzes were tricky and somewhat deceptive. The course would improve if the readings were lessened and “they changed the freaking name.” Prospective students should not expect a fun and practical course in which they will be sure to improve their oral skills.


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