Fraternity Brother Sees Animal House For The First Time, Relates On Profound Level

Greg “G-string” McFarland, a brother of the Beta Upsilon Tau fraternity, watched the National Lampoon classic, “Animal House”, for the first time last night. We met up with the affected sophomore this morning to gauge his reaction to the film.

It’s exactly what I went through when I rushed my fraternity,” said G-money, fondly remembering his freshman spring. “The parties, the togas, Kevin Bacon…it’s like the director just channeled my life and put it on film.”

Those were not the only parallels uncovered in his review.

Trying to save their frat from preppy douchebags? We had to do that. The 0.0 GPA? My last semester. That kid hooking up with his buddy’s mom? I—“

G-ma recounted the many similarities between the way of the world, and the ways of National Lampoon, noting topics like the importance of brotherhood, and the indiscernible feeling one might experience “while wailing on some dude’s guitar.” When asked what the “way of the world” was, he was unable to give a concrete answer, perhaps due to the dense, existential nature of the film.

When John Belushi yelled ‘food fight’…” said The G-train Magee, beginning to tear. “I’m sorry, I don’t normally get like this.”

In a final criticism, G-Spot Lightning Mcqueen did wish there had been “at least five more boobs.” Though we could not confirm whether that suggested casting a tri-boobed actress, or just a crafty camera angle, the observation was, indeed, apt.

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