Student Goes to Study Abroad Fair, Tells Everyone it Changed His Life

Sophomore Dirk Rasmussen went to the Study Abroad Fair a month ago and reported that he was very moved.  According to the kids in his hall at Homewood, he has been talking about it ever since.

“All of the posters of different countries were amazing, from the artsy photos of puddles with reflections of famous buildings, to the hotties in Patagonia jackets posing in front of the Taj Mahal, white guys in American sports paraphernalia chilling outside the Vatican… so life-affirming,” he said. “I want to be one of those white people.”

Rasmussen plans on going abroad in the fall of his junior year, as many Hopkins students choose to do, because fall is the fucking worst. His next decision is where to go.

“I’m not sure whether to EuroTrip or impose my white male bravado on the third world. It’s a toughie. ‘Cause, have we even lived if we haven’t gotten cultured in Europe?”

Rasmussen remarked that the greatest part about the fair was that destinations were varied and the options seemed endless, and very, very different than Baltimore.

“The point is that I have choices, and I feel very powerful. This has definitely changed the way I look at things.”

When asked what his major was and what he planned on studying while abroad, he closed his eyes and said, “Please do not ruin this moment for me.”

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