Student Calls Blue Jay Shuttle for Pick-up from Dimly-Lit, Unfamiliar Part of Gilman

Sophomore electrical engineer Rachel Kelce called the Blue Jay Shuttle for pick-up from a dimly lit, unfamiliar part of Gilman Hall at roughly 7 PM yesterday.

“I was terrified.  One second I was leaving class in the History department, I went down some stairs, turned down the wrong hallway, and suddenly I was just in this place that was really sketchy.”

Kelce said she felt afraid and disoriented as she walked past the offices of the Writing Seminars department.  “You know, given Baltimore’s reputation, you are aware that there are places that aren’t safe to be after dark, but when you wind up in one it’s a truly frightening experience.  The whole time I was worried that I would be mugged or forced to attend a poetry reading.  I just had to get out of there.”

She initially considered leaving on foot, fearing that if she took her phone out of her pocket it would be stolen by the group of TAs loitering by the entrance to the auditorium. After walking in circles for several minutes, she decided that she was too lost to safely orient herself.

She reportedly then called the shuttle and requested pickup.  The shuttle service, however, replied that they did not make pick-ups from inside the building.

​Kelce was unable to be reached for a follow–up comment, as she has not been seen since a janitor bumped into her around midnight. He reported that she screamed, “Here just take my money!” before throwing her wallet at him and running back and forth down the hall in fear. As of press time, no reports have been filed as to her whereabouts.

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