Hopkins Student comes out to parents as “Not Premed” on National Coming Out Day

BME Freshman, Gaylord Cummings, was recently spotted sitting in Carma’s Cafe with his parents, who were visiting for the day.

After taking a deep breath over eclairs, he said, “Mom, Dad… I have something important to tell you.” His Mom and Dad looked at him in silence. Through the tension, he managed to utter the words “I’m… Writing Seminars.” His parents didn’t respond at first, but Mom smiled and said: “Oh that’s great, honey! Med schools LOVE diversity.”

Gaylord responded, “No mom, you don’t understand. I’m… not going to med school at all. I’m not premed, I want to be an author.” His mom stabbed her own hand with a fork, and continued to smile at him. “Oh… I just wasn’t expecting that. It’s okay though, you can still get a doctorate, right?” Gaylord said, “Yeah… I guess I could… but I think that’s not for me.” Mrs. Cummings said under her breath, “I bet this is because we dropped you as a baby.” 

Dr. Cummings said “It’s okay, son. I, too, was not premed for a month in college. It was fun to experiment with a social life, but I eventually knew what was for me. You just have to find the right program.” Gaylord responded, “this isn’t a phase Dad. This is who I am.” Dr. Cummings then admitted,  “I think, deep down, we always knew. Ever since you were two and all you wanted to do was read Milton’s Paradise Lost. I guess this means Chad is getting my special stethoscope I’ve been saving for you. Going to one white coat ceremony is better than none.” 

At this point, Mrs. Cummings removed the fork from her hand and said “Well… if you’re sure you’re not premed, I do know Betty’s son, Richard, is also not premed. Maybe I could set the two of you up? He’s been a closeted archaeology major for the last two years, even his adviser doesn’t know.” 

Gaylord retorted: “No Mom! I don’t want Dick! I just want you to love me for who I am.” At this, the Cummings family embraced for a hug and Mrs. Cummings said, “Honey, we will always love you, regardless if you’re normal or not. You’re our son, and nothing could ever change that. Just please don’t tell grandma.”


*Addendum: Please note we take coming out as a very serious issue! Please reach out to the LGBT Center on campus if you ever need any resources when it comes comings to out. 


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