Sexy Ms. Gladys Tops 2018 Halloween Costume List

After polling the writers of the Black and Blue Jay, here are this year’s hottest Halloween costumes.

  • Sexy Ms. Gladys
    • “Come on in Baby”
  • The Ghost of Covered Grades
    • You’ll think it’s funny, but you’re going to be crying under that sheet.
  • A Virgin
    • No costume needed.
  • Toppled Confederate Statue
    • You’re going to be on the floor anyway.
  • A pile of cigs outside of Gilman
    • The only thing  killing the Humanities Center quicker is lack of interest.
  • Amadeus the dog
    • Owner and leash required for gimp version.
  • To-Go box
    • Greased up, slightly open and ready to go 😉
  • That kid who wore a MAGA hat to the Women’s March talk
    • You’ll get roasted on the meme’s page.
  • Lax player
    • STDs and crayons required
  • Kylie’s Ultrasound
    • Already worth more than you will make in your career.
  • Sexy Safety Walk Kid
    • This one has been proven to work. You know who you are, kid who went to WAWA last Halloween.
  • Pumpkin Spice
    • Sprinkle cinnamon on your nipples and whipped cream down below
  • Blue Light System
    • Come push my button 😉
  • A Child Your Parents are Proud of
    • Not possible, but great in theory.
  • Becky and Stacy from Theta Apple Pie
    • So cat ears and leggings.
  • Ronny D in Running Shorts
    • Who’s your President?
  • A Female Orgasm
    • Men won’t know what you are.

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