Hoptoberfest Shopping List

The following shopping list was turned in to the Student Involvement Office for reimbursement:

  1. 1 shirt for everyone to fight over Battle Royale style on the Beach: $16
  2. A thunderdome to fight in for said shirt: $6,000
  3. A six-pack of body temperature Natty Boh for the beer tasting. Two of the cans will be  flavored with lime for variety and a little spice, however, they will be flat: $5.29
  4. 17 pumpkins: $20
  5. 39 seconds of an Adam Sandler movie: $1
  6. 40 fire twirlers, no skill required: $13
  7. 400 staff shirts that are identical to the normal shirts: $1,500
  8. Inspirational coffee mugs saying “You’re severely mediocre! Let’s celebrate that!”: $500
  9. 12 signs that say: “It’s Hoptoberfest, stick your dick in a pumpkin”: $120
  10. ⅔ of the world famous EDM trio Cheat Codes: $10,000
  11. Cheat codes cover band, the Backtests: $3,000
  12. Way too much hay: $15,000
  13. 4000 gallons of Pumpkins Spice Concentrate to make the hay soggy: $8,000
  14. An industrial sized AC unit for the beach to make it feel like October?: $10,000
  15. Post-midterm Seasonal depression: Priceless

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