Top Ten Signs You Write for the Odyssey Online

  1. Sometimes you like to go out, but sometimes you like to stay in and watch Netflix, and that makes you really different from other people.
  2. You are a humble English major who is better than those boring engineers.
  3. When first introducing yourself to anyone, or just saying hello to someone you know, you say “hey it’s me, your friend who writes for the Odyssey!”
  4. You start drooling with anticipation upon hearing the words “listicle” or “clickbait.”
  5. You have a unique voice you want to share with the world, and you’re going to share that voice via Friends gifs.
  6. You’re still bitter that Buzzfeed wouldn’t publish you.
  7. You’re an introvert AND an extrovert.
  8. You have written an open letter to: your mom, your dad, your big, your little, your dog, your friend’s dog, your friends who abandoned you, your parents who abandoned you, your dogs who abandoned you, and Grey’s Anatomy protagonist Meredith Grey.
  9. You’ve heard of editors before, but your articles clearly haven’t.
  10. You don’t believe in labels – except for “introvert” and “extrovert.”

About the writer:
The Black and Blue Jay puts fries before guys and loves Netflix and also chill. JHU ‘19

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