Hopkins Student Gets D from Professor on Valentine’s Day ;)

Having missed his test in Advanced French last week, Hopkins sophomore John Clemens reportedly arranged with Professor Emil Toulon to meet up on Valentine’s day for a makeup exam. Clemens reportedly received a D during this meeting with Professor Toulon.

“The whole thing was just a little hard to swallow. The test was a lot longer and harder than I expected it to be, which is saying something considering Professor Toulon’s reputation,” Clemens said, “But I also have pretty bad performance anxiety so I found it tough to get up for the test that morning.

It was admittedly a little exhausting,” Clemens continued. “I figure that anything that long is bound to be demanding. But as soon as Toulon whipped out that test, I was ready for the challenge.

“I think the main reason I did badly is because I finished early and I was all over the place. I guess I just haven’t taken such a big test in a long time so I was out of practice. Next time I’ll squeeze off a couple practice questions beforehand.”

Clemens is optimistic he can do better, however. “I’ll just have to stop by office hours and find a way to make it up to him.”


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