Freshman Feeling Very Cool After Captioning Frat Party Picture, “Last Night Was One to ‘Remember’ LOL ;)”

Freshman Mark Stotz felt very proud of himself after posting a picture to Facebook with a caption he called “so fucking clever.” After waking up Sunday morning, Stotz scrolled through his photos and came across several that he did not remember taking. At first Stotz did not realize what had happened, but then it dawned on him: “I am cool and drank alcohol last night!”

“Get it?” Stotz asked. “Because it does look like a totally wild time in the picture, but also it’s funny because I can’t remember it! Because I drank! I’m in college!” Stotz said he’s getting used to the frat scene, saying “I’m bro-ing out pretty hard these days. Have I mentioned I’m in college?”

A senior frat bro Hal Richardson said of the photo, “It’s kind of sweet, actually. I remember the first time I blacked out.” He wiped away a single tear, adding, “Oh, wait. No I don’t.”

In terms of where to go next, Stotz says he plans to take a picture of his overflowing Wolman garbage can with boxes and trash stacked on top of the already full receptacle. He plans to caption it, “College Jenga! ;)”

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