Holocaust “Needed More Guns” Says Dr. Ben Carson, So Does Rest of History

Dr. Ben Carson recently started a media storm when he stated that the Holocaust may have been prevented if Jews had been armed with weapons (and chutzpah!). In an interview today with the Black and Blue Jay, the presidential candidate clarified his statement, saying “It was just an example, the Holocaust isn’t the only easily preventable historical event with guns.”

He continued, “I mean look at the Kennedy assassination, why was the leader of the free world not exercising his Second Amendment rights? If he had been packing we might have actually made it to the moon instead of faking it.”

Dr. Carson had a number of examples to support his thesis. “The stock market collapse of 2008? That bubble wouldn’t have dared burst with a AR-15 pointed at it. And most of all racial violence in inner cities; could have been avoided with an armed population! And Mufasa in the Lion King? If he were armed, Scar wouldn’t be in the Circle of Life anymore.

“Guns are essential to safety. Look at the evolution of this argument; Step 1: Guns for everyone. Step 2: Safety for everyone. The logic is undeniable, and I should know, because I don’t believe in evolution or logical thinking.

“If you really think about it, the real Holocaust is happening right now, but with guns instead of Jews. And that’s arguably worse. Guns are essential. How can bad things happen to us if we just shoot them first?”

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