Student Runs Into Former Hookup 12 Times in One Day

Sophomore Rachel Johnson hooked up with fellow sophomore Richard Walker one time in a frat basement freshman year and haven’t spoken since. Yesterday they ran into each other twelve times, breaking a school record. 

9:56am: Outside McCoy Johnson left for her 10am class just as Walker returned from his 9am. She said hi at the last moment before they passed each other, but he didn’t respond. He claims he didn’t see her.

11:12am: Johnson got into the sandwich line at CharMar behind Walker, where he gave her a polite head nod. They then spent the following twenty minutes waiting without saying a word.

1:52pm: On Keyser quad the two walked past each other, averting their eyes toward their phones until right before they met whereupon they quickly looked up and said some awkward half-assed greeting.

2:30-2:38pm: While seated in the Gilman Atrium, Walker noticed Johnson circling the building five times. The final time she walked into the Atrium, looked confused and looked at him, shrugged and giggled, and said she was “Looking for the goddamn bathroom.”

6:25pm: In Nolan’s, Johnson arrived with a friend and sat two tables away from Walker, who was eating alone. He noticed periodically that the friend was pointing at him and whispering.

7:31pm: Walker was studying a Brody study room Johnson swiped her key card and came in before apologizing, saying she thought the room was empty, then leaving.

8:42pm: Walking around the beach towards Charles St. Walker heard steps close behind him and saw Johnson, who quickly pulled out her phone to look busy.

8:46pm: Stepping into the McCoy elevator, Walker heard Johnson calling out for him to hold the door. Despite his furious pressing of the close door button she managed to wedge herself through the door and said “Oh my god thanks! You’re so kind and sweet and awesome.”

Walker says he left for class half and hour early today and took the stairs. He also confirmed that he would be informing the HopCops of this new record so that they could reward Johnson if by chance she breaks her new milestone in the future.

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