Lab Partners Experimenting Together ;)

Freshmen Nick Cochran and Austin Brown, partners in chem lab, reportedly conducted an unorthodox experiment during lab last Wednesday. On this, Brown stated, “Nick and I have gotten pretty close over the course of the semester. There was just something about him that I knew we’d be more than just lab partners.” He continued, “I look forward to our experiments every week, but last time, I thought we should deviate from the procedure just a little bit, take our partnership to the next level.”

Initially, Cochran was surprised by Brown’s deviation from procedure. “Not the reaction I was expecting, but Austin seemed to feel good about it, so I went ahead and grabbed his, uh, graduated cylinder. Then he touched my Bunsen burner.”

“Neither of us had done this before, so we couldn’t neglect lab safety. Rule number one: make sure you use protection,” said Brown. “Especially safety goggles. You don’t want anything to shoot up into your eyes.”

The experiment did not go entirely smoothly. “I called out my TA’s name – Nick was shocked, but I wasn’t sure if I was following the procedure correctly,” said Brown. Cochran expressed his frustration. “That almost ruined the whole thing for me. I thought we had something good going on!”

Still, things turned out fine. “The procedure said we should obtain a white liquid as our final product, and once we saw that, we were both pretty satisfied,” he said.

Cochran had one final thought on the whole ordeal: “I think Professor Pasternack would have liked what she saw.”

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