Spring Fair Concert Meek Mill’s Biggest Turnout Yet

The students of Johns Hopkins enjoy many privileges, but a good Spring Fair concert is not one of them. 

Robert Rihmeek Williams, known to a handful of people as Meek Mill, was scheduled to headline last night’s concert at the Rec Center. But after openers Tamara Jade and Cash Cash warmed up the crowd, Mr. Mill was still nowhere to be found.

Less reliable sources placed Meek in Philadelphia while concert-goers sweatily awaited his appearance. But the Black and Blue Jay reached out to Meek’s hype man, who also manages the rapper’s Google Calendar. He confirmed that Meek was in fact in Baltimore the whole time, cowering backstage.

“Meek’s never performed in front of this many people before,” his hype man explained. “Dude was dry heaving and sucking his thumb because he was so scared.” Luckily, the Meekest Mill overcame his demons and stepped on stage to greet his fans — and the 150 students who were there too. 

“I gave him a belly rub and a Valium,” said Meek’s hype man. “He was good after that.”

Patricia, 4’10”, is still not sure that Meek even showed up. “I couldn’t see anything, even when I got on my boyfriend’s shoulders. He’s 5’4”. 

But he was definitely there. The energy in the room was undeniable when Meek ran up on stage and yelled, “What up, John Hopkins!!??”


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