Fall Semester Rejected Headlines

There are only so many hours in the day, and only so many brilliant, well-adjusted, firm-assed writers on the Black and Blue Jay’s staff. Here’s what didn’t quite make the cut this semester:

  1. SGA Promises Fall Break by the Year Two-thousand-mind-your-fucking-business
  2. Casualties of No-Nut November: A Month in Pictures
  3. Lighting of the Quads: JHU’s Newest Leg Day Regime
  4. Top 10 Mystery Stains on D-Level and Why I Couldn’t Have Caused Them
  5. President Daniels Fakes Jewish Descent for Hillel’s Free Shabbat Dinners
  6. My Strange Addiction: Drinking Saliva Samples from COVID Testing Sites
  7. President Daniels Fakes WASP Descent for Free Christmas Presents
  8. FFC Workers Go On Strike, Tired of Serving Losers
  9. Sad: Half-Naked Students Running Through MSE Must Not Have Warm Clothes
  10. Kid Still Wearing Shorts in December is Better Than You

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