Fursuits and Fishnets: Hopkins’s Best and Worst Halloween Drip

With Halloween right around the corner, some members of campus have already gotten in the spirit. Our crew at BNBJ scouted campus to find the best Halloween costumes in all the land. Here are our top Studs and total Duds.

Name: My Lab Partner (MLP)

Costume: A Full Fursuit??

This chem student put the “zoo” in “zoo wee mama”. With a well-loved, neon orange fox suit that reeks of urine and mildew, he made me thankful for how poor his lab attendance usually is.

Verdict: Please Take A Shower

Name: FFC Fruit Guy

Costume: Banana Suit

We had a berry good time watching this FFC employee in his foam banana suit. The yellow color was incredibly appeeling and gave an overall peachy impression. Grape work!

Verdict: Drove us bananas

Name: Michael Bloomberg

Costume: Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie Version)

Bloomberg flops again. Daddy Bloomberg spent this halloween as “Daddy’s Lil Monster”, with a costume that used up his entire JHU donation budget. Not even the solid gold baseball bat, incredible amounts of botox, or sexy sexy fishnets could save him from our reviewers’ criticisms (or the students who are no longer receiving financial aid). Truly the biggest clown in town.

Verdict: Would be arrested in NYC

Name: Charmar Preacher

Costume: Abortion Protester 

The Charmar Preacher abandoned his usual post to stand in front of the Hopkins sign with red cape and a “HONK FOR THE UNBORN” poster. We aren’t quite sure if he was in costume, but red does really bring out his eyes.

Verdict: Problematic Fav

Name: Ronald Joel Daniels CM

Costume: Femboy Hooters Employee

We’ll admit, we didn’t think he’d look THIS good in booty shorts. His white crop top showed off his cinched waist and left us wanting more. All reviewers subsequently questioned their sexualities for varying reasons.

Verdict: 14/10 would gaze upon again


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