10 Reasons We’re Only Number 10

US News and World Report recently came out with their list of top universities.  Some were disappointed that for the second year Johns Hopkins was only ranked number 10.  At the BNBJ, we have discovered 10 reasons why:

  1. Duke cheated
  2. The votes for “John Hopkins” didn’t count
  3. Lacrosse is fucking boring
  4. Princeton cheated
  5. Hillel is the most happening place on a Friday night
  6. Beta is our top frat…followed by that Jewish one with the South Americans
  7. Have you seen our walkways during the rain?
  8. The FFC Blue Jay scared away one interviewer
  9. Nelly performed at Spring Fair. Minus 3 positions
  10. The best thing about Baltimore is that it’s an hour and $8 away from Washington

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