Freshman: “OMG I love my new friends I will never forget them.”

Thursday August 27, 2015

The 6 East section of Wolman Hall was reportedly ecstatic late last night after the convocation for the Class of 2019. Freshman Mimi O’Connor recalls that she couldn’t have asked for a better way to end Orientation Week as she sat on one of the common room couches surrounded by friends that make her feel as though she’s known them forever. Already cooler than anyone she’d ever met in high school, Mimi’s new friends joked with her about hilarious topics ranging from 9 AM wake-ups three days a week to how hard the doors to Brody are to open.

“There we were, all of us just sitting in the common room. I knew right away that the exact people sitting in this room were going to be my besties for life, said Mimi, “It’s really amazing how quickly you can make friends at this school. Take for example my really cool friend Sammy. I met her waiting in line in the mailroom because we were BOTH waiting for our Chemistry textbooks! Like, what are the odds of that? I really think we’re gonna hang out all the time and be best friends and stuff.”

When asked to comment, Ms. Sammy Rodriguez looked puzzled and replied, “Who?”

“Oh and then there’s this really cute guy, Graham,” Mimi said, blushing, “I think I actually met him when our first year mentor group went out to a frat party—gosh I can’t even remember the name of it! —and we joined up with somebody’s Pre-O friends… I think. Anyway, he asked me what I was majoring in and I told him ChemBE, but that I wasn’t sure yet and that I’m still figuring it out. Then he grinded on me for a bit while I told him about my summer. I think he might be the one!”

Mimi said that she felt blessed; “I never thought I would find a friend group so soon! I can’t even wait for our ten-year reunion, best friends forever!

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