6 Tips To Rekindle the Friendship with Tom Cruise That You Never Had

1. Playfully suggest that you compare heights by marking them on the wall. If he shies away, just ruffle his hair a little bit and tell him he’s okay in your book.

2. Make sure he knows you don’t blame him for the whole restraining order thing. It’s water under the bridge and you’ll be better friends for it anyways.

3. Find out, without explicitly asking, whether he already has a date to the junior prom.

4. Ask him a lot of questions about Scientology. Look skeptical and react with a lot of shrugs and winks so he knows you’re listening.

5. Slay and fashion him a billowing bearskin shawl so he feels safe knowing you care that he stays warm this winter season.

6. Whatever you do, don’t tell him about what you saw in the Cave of Prophecies. I know it’s tempting, but he’s not ready yet. Don’t worry though, you’ll get there!

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