Sexy Pre-Med Reported To Be Most Popular Halloween Costume Among Hopkins Students

A survey of Hopkins students dressing up for Halloween revealed that the most popular costume on campus this year was a sexy pre-med. “Hopkins is very famous for its prestigious med school, and I wanted to be a part of that,” said pre-med sophomore Allie Shultz. “I’m not a licensed practitioner, so sexy doctor was off the list, but I figured I have to start off as a sexy pre-med anyway.”

Junior Kelly Trout also dressed as a sexy pre-med, carrying an MCAT review book and a triple caf coffee as a part of her costume. “I’ve wanted to be a sexy doctor for as long as I can remember. But I’ve got to be a sexy pre-med first,” she said. “If I do well in sexy undergrad and get good grades, I should be able to get into a sexy med school and then I’ll be a sexy doctor. Problem is some of the required sexy pre-med courses are really tough. It’s been such a struggle to get a good grade in sexy orgo.”

Not all students who had initially planned on the costume could follow through. “It’s just such a large commitment to be a sexy pre-med,” said Anna Meehan. “It’s so competitive because it’s so popular.” Faced with the pressure, Meehan decided halfway through the night not to be a sexy pre-med, shedding her stethoscope and putting on a lab coat to become a sexy chem major. “And if even that’s too much,” she added, gesturing toward a Shakespeare anthology, “I could always drop the chem thing and become a sexy English major.”​

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